December 2019

Meet the crew of Jeremy Killebrew (captain/owner), Robert Barlow (delivery captain), Mark Bohlen (navigator) and Chris Chessher (first-mate).  In December 2019 the crew of Grace 45 began several days of provisioning and outfitting in preparation for the passage from Stuart, Florida to Grand Exuma, The Bahamas.  On December 10th we pushed off and began our journey across the Gulf Stream to our first stop in West End on the island of Grand Bahama to check in with customs.  From there, we proceeded onto Nassau and then across the Bahama Bank to the Exuma Island Chain and finally to Emerald Bay Marina in Grand Exuma.  Total trip took 3 days and 3 nights of sailing to reach her final destination.  Go to the gallery section of this site to see photos and videos of our trip.  You can also go to the blog section to read detailed trip notes.


New Years 2020

End of the year Killebrew Family Vacation.  Trip started with a day of provisioning in George Town.  The following day we pushed of to Stocking Island located on the other side of Elizabeth Bay from George Town.  We then moved North to Lee Stocking Island via the Aderley Cut and back to Emerald Bay Marina.  Click on gallery section to see photos from this amazing trip.  You can also read my blog about lessons learned on this trip.